From international business transactions to import/export, transport or software, from property management to debts in the tourism business; we collect your outstanding monies efficiently and at a free risk arrangement.

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Our Credit Management Services

We provide international business to business (B2B) debt collection, debt management and debt restructuring, credit management consulting and advisory and business information services.

International B2B debt collection

Our international B2B debt collection service for Latin America and the Caribbean allows you to solve debt problems and improve collection ratings. A key part of our strategy is mediation with the aim to resolve or settle disputes or issues in a financially satisfactory manner for our client, and simultaneously re-establish the commercial relationship with the company that owes you.

B2B Debt management and debt restructuring

Cobroamericas offers debt management and debt restructuring for international businesses. We can negotiate on behalf of distressed companies who deal with creditors from multiple countries, for example from Mexico, Chile or Brazil to provide damage and risk management, to avoid escalation, and to find long lasting and sustainable solutions.

Credit Management Consulting and Advisory

Through our large network, experience, knowledge and expertise, we can assist your company with all credit management and debt collection related matters that require specific attention.

Business information services

Cobroamericas provides business reports on companies based in Latin America and the Caribbean. As part of your due diligence procedures, Cobroamericas’ business information can help you take the appropriate decisions in the collection process or before you start doing business with a company.

Why should you work with Cobroamericas?

As a debt collection agency we focus on Latin America and the Caribbean and operate from Mexico. We have representatives in Brazil and Chile and we can count on the assistance of our trusted third party law firms specialized in debt recovery, covering practically every country in Latin America and the Caribbean.


We know the power of networking

Cobroamericas has built strategic credit management alliances worldwide, as we believe it makes us stronger as a debt collection agency, with the aim of maximizing the debt collection performances and revenues for our clients.


We have local presence

In order to be successful globally one has to understand local circumstances. Cobroamericas is locally present in Mexico with representatives in Brazil and Chile. In case necessary, we can count on local law firms specialized in international debtor collection, in various other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Our experience and knowledge are key

We procure high quality credit management services based on years of experience, specific knowledge and expertise built up in Latin America and the Caribbean. And we love to share our knowledge with you.


We cover all time zones

As we operate from the most common time zones in the Americas, we can reach your debtors where you may have connection troubles because of unfavorable time schedules.


We speak our languages

We provide debt collection services worldwide in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

What our clients say

For Claims in Mexico and parts of the Caribbean where we need any assistance we are pleased to work with Cobroamericas. Their quality, feedback and short response time are a blessing to work with. We are very pleased with Cobroamericas handling of these particular cases.

Norbert Van Der Zalm

BvCM Antilia N.V.

When we need a support in Latin America and in the Caribbean, we know that Cobroamerica is there for us. They have all the qualities which we are looking for to satisfy our clients.

Mario Varga

Marketing Director, Converta LTD – International Debt Management Company

I congratulate Cobroamericas for the quick reactivity in answering the questions we have about the collection files you are handling for us.This shows the professionalism of the organization and is very helpful for this difficult Job.

Georges Vonfelt

General Manager GEVO sarl

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